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Nevada Small Business Development Center: Your Partner

Tuesday, January 25th, 2005

The Nevada Small Business Development Center is creating opportunity for individual small business owners in Las Vegas and all of southern Nevada at an ever increasing rate. The Small Business Development Center is conveniently located right in Las Vegas on the campus of the University of Nevada Las Vegas. The Development Center helped create 194 new small business jobs in Nevada in 2004, which is a 136% increase from the 2003 number. The Small Business Center also increased small business capital formation for 2004 by a stunning 167% (5.6 million dollars) compared to 2003. The stated mission of the Small Business Development Center is to help new and existing small firms with support, advice and information. The counselors at the Small Business Development Center not only hold business degrees, but have worked successfully in the business world as well. This is just another example of the “business friendly” atmosphere you will find in the Las Vegas valley (please refer to our blog story on the surge in manufacturing in southern Nevada). Our economic profile is among the very strongest in the country. Support systems are firmly in place to assist people in moving themselves and their businesses to Las Vegas. Resources are readily available for those moving to Las Vegas with the intention of starting a small business. The market for real estate in Las Vegas is a direct reflection of our economic success. Las Vegas understands that when individual people succeed, the entire community succeeds. The foundation for the Las Vegas real estate market (as a solid investment opportunity) is rooted in this community wide effort to foster growth and prosperity. The success of MS Las Vegas Real Estate is a perfect example of the wealth of opportunity in our great city. The choice of Las Vegas as a place to live and grow and prosper is fundamental to the choice to purchase and enjoy a beautiful Las Vegas home. Please contact us at if we can be of service.

Gates Foundation / $750 Million for Vaccinations

Tuesday, January 25th, 2005

In one of the largest philanthropic donations in history, The Gates Foundation is donating this enormous sum to assist in the battle for preventable childhood diseases in the developing world. The contribution goes to the International Vaccine Fund and will help fight diseases such as diphtheria, whooping cough, measles, polio and yellow fever in 72 different countries. In 1999, the Gates Foundation gave an identical $750 million that established the Fund itself. The World Health Organization credits the first donation in 1999 with saving the lives of over 670,000 children already. The Gates Foundation is the world’s largest charitable organization with an endowment of 27 billion dollars.

Tiger Comes Roaring Back!

Tuesday, January 25th, 2005

Like it or not, Tiger Woods is returning to the top echelon of golf. Any one who watched him play at Sherwood in December and Torrey Pines this past weekend would have to agree that he is back in form. It appears that those famous “swing adjustments” have been pretty much dialed in. He definitely seems ready to go hunting for majors in 2005. Tiger’s play was far from perfect at Torrey and his putter is still giving him trouble, but his will to win and grace under pressure remain fully in tact. This is not the first time we’ve seen Tiger win a tournament with less than his “A” game. I personally enjoy watching him the most when he has to grind his way to the trophy. It just reminds me that ultimately, winning is 98% mental. By the way, Tiger recorded his very first PGA Tour victory right here in Las Vegas! Why not buy a Las Vegas home right on that very course! Seriously though, golf community living in Las Vegas is some of the very best in the country. Contact MS Las Vegas Real Estate at 888-349-2595 if you’re curious.