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Microsoft Launches New Search Engine

Tuesday, February 1st, 2005

Microsoft plans to launch an all-out attack on it’s search competitors with a four month advertising campaign designed to promote its new Internet Search Engine product. Microsoft plans to promote the brand new MSN Search Service using “grassroots” marketing, online advertisements and commercials during the Super Bowl and college-basketball playoffs. As of yesterday, Microsoft began using its own technology for the MSN Search service. Microsoft had previously relied on licensed technology for its search engine. The Big M is hoping to differentiate its search capabilities from competitors that mostly provide the same type of functions. For example, Microsoft says its search tool will provide instant answers to standard questions and not just links to various web sites. For instance, say you were interested in the topic of Las Vegas real estate. If you type this phrase into the new MSN Search, you will receive a list of the most important web sites for that particular topic. Even though MSN Search returns over 5 million relevant results, MS Las Vegas Real Estate is right up in the very first group. No accident there. If you were to become interested in a Las Vegas home, MS Las Vegas Real Estate is among the very best of choices you can make. Go to MSN, see for yourself.

December Personal Income Data: Microsoft Dividend Sets New Federal Record!

Tuesday, February 1st, 2005

This is nothing short of incredible. Even John D. Rockefeller would never have thought of such a thing. The personal income statistics of the American people, as measured by the U.S. Commerce Department, shot up in December by the largest monthly gain since the government began tracking the data in 1959. The U.S. Commerce Department said that total personal income rose by 3.7% in December 2004 as compared to the previous month. What caused this record breaking phenomenon? The large dividend paid to shareholders of Microsoft Corporation. How much was the dividend? Thirty two billion dollars. The Microsoft payment, which affected 4.6 million shareholders, was nearly as large as the $38 billion federal income-tax rebate paid in the summer of 2001. If you live in Las Vegas, and you own a significant amount of Microsoft shares, MS Las Vegas Real Estate has a great idea for your new found chunk of change. How about a nice new Las Vegas home!