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Google Held Back?

Thursday, February 10th, 2005

Google top executives said they can’t expand as rapidly as they would like because they can’t find enough qualified employees or deploy new computers fast enough. Google has a little over 3000 employees at present. They have managed to add 700 new people since the middle of 2004. Google is famous in silicon valley for their rigorous hiring process. Prospective candidates endure a battery of tests and at least half a dozen interviews. The thing I find more confusing about the latest Google news is their claim to be 20% below optimum level in terms of technical infrastructure. Has the world suddenly run out of cheap computing power? Google deploys thousands of computers in data centers around the world, assembled from low-cost parts and linked together by sophisticated proprietary software. Maybe they can’t even find enough people to integrate those low-cost parts into their existing network? Maybe they should set up an operation in Las Vegas!