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Tiger Heads for Jackson Hole!

Monday, February 21st, 2005

Tiger Woods purchased a parcel of land at 3 Creek Ranch, a golf-club development under construction in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Tiger turned pro in 1996 and has earned 45 million dollars on the tour alone, so I think he’s able to afford it no problem. Of course, it’s an estate-home lot and rumors peg the parcel at between three and five acres. It’s a pretty nice neighborhood (when it’s not snowing) and neighbors include Harrison Ford, George Soros and Vice President Dick Cheney. These guys are better known as card carrying members of the Wyoming 3H Club… in Hollywood, Hedge Funds and Haliburton (just kidding). In any event, 3 Creek Ranch will become the area’s first private golf club when it opens this summer (which is probably about 4 weeks long). Plenty of parcels left! Don’t miss out on golf community living….Wyoming style. Yes, there’s a good reason it took this long to build a course up there. No worries, Tiger has a mansion on another course already… Windermere, Florida. Give us a call at MS Las Vegas Real Estate and we’ll put you in touch with a top-notch Wyoming realtor!