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Real Estate Boom: The Dark Side of the Force

Thursday, February 24th, 2005

The boom in real estate has been accompanied by a boom in mortgage fraud and other real estate related schemes, the Internal Revenue Service said yesterday. The number of real estate fraud investigations initiated by the IRS doubled between fiscal 2001 and fiscal 2003. The IRS also says that the average prison term handed down by federal judges in cases that ended in conviction nearly doubled as well. One of the most common schemes to attract IRS criminal investigators is property flipping that involves false statements to lenders. Also on the rise, fraudulently created qualifications to obtain a mortgage via false credit reports or employment histories. MS Las Vegas Real Estate urges you to use caution, especially if you are involved in the FSBO process. Know who you’re dealing with and check credentials. Our reputation for ethical conduct is beyond reproach. At MS Las Vegas Real Estate, it’s our most valuable asset.

Stars Live 365!

Thursday, February 24th, 2005

Stars Live 365 is a brand new venture on the Las Vegas Strip that literally puts you in touch with famous people! For anyone who’s been on the Las Vegas Strip, it’s hard to miss the giant Coca-Cola bottle at the Showcase Mall in front of the MGM. Stars Live 365 has set up a booth right next to Coca-Cola that faces the strip and some of the heaviest pedestrian traffic in the world. Who sits in the booth? Famous athletes and other celebrities that charge a fee for a personal greeting, autograph, pictures and memorabilia. This week Pete Rose was on hand to greet his fans. Past participants include Steve Garvey and Kenny Stabler. Plans are in the works to include the cast from Dallas as well as the Brady Bunch. MS Las Vegas Real Estate would like to suggest a purchase at the Residences at MGM Grand. That way, you’ll be a short walk from your next autograph!