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Entrepreneur Magazine Ranks Las Vegas in Top Five!

Wednesday, October 12th, 2005

Wow! Don’t let anyone tell you that Las Vegas is a great place for relocation as long as you’re looking to retire! Entrepreneur Magazine just put out their list for the hottest cities in America to be an entrepreneur, and Las Vegas came in at number four. Last time I checked, most entrepreneurs tend to be under 40 years old. Entrepreneur’s Hot Cities list is generated by measuring two main indicators. The first is business formation, which it defines as the percentage of businesses started four to 14 years ago that employ five or more workers today. The second criteria is business growth, which measures the percentage of young businesses experiencing rapid growth in the last four years. Entrepreneur magazine stipulates that a city “must have a large number of young businesses and be able to support their growth” to earn a high rank. Las Vegas provides a welcome environment to entrepreneurs with a combination of low taxes, a pro-business regulatory structure and a low cost of living compared to next-door California. Continued rapid population growth is the fuel that keeps this fire burning, and Las Vegas doesn’t look to be slowing down any time soon! MS Las Vegas Real Estate is your trusted source for advice and information in the market for Las Vegas homes. Give us a call at

The Sterling Team at Red Rock Canyon Realty

Wednesday, October 12th, 2005

We are pleased to introduce the formation of The Sterling Team at Red Rock Canyon Realty in Las Vegas. Michelle Sterling and MS Las Vegas Real Estate have found a new home for the premier real estate website in the highly competitive market for Las Vegas homes. Red Rock Canyon Realty and MS Las Vegas Real Estate join together to provide superior service and the highest in ethical standards to our valued clients. The Sterling Team has been carefully constructed from some of the most experienced agents in Las Vegas, and our goal is to expand our ability to provide outstanding guidance and support throughout the residential purchase process. We look forward to introducing each new team member in this blog in the coming weeks. Stop by again soon and meet the new Sterling Team at Red Rock Canyon Realty!