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The Las Vegas Economy: Tourism, Traffic and McCarran Airport

Wednesday, January 4th, 2006

MS Las Vegas Real Estate has more good news about the tourism industry in Las Vegas and by extension, more good news about the local economy. Of course this all has a major impact on the market for Las Vegas Homes! With December’s numbers about to be counted, McCarran International Airport has again broken a record for the largest passenger count ever! In addition to this, McCarran has just jumped a spot. We now have the sixth busiest airport in the country, up from number seven last year. Without December’s numbers, McCarran is already up to 40.7 million passengers for the year. That’s an awful lot of tourists! What does this mean for the market for Las Vegas real estate? The strength of the local economy provides the foundation for the residential market. With visitor numbers breaking records every year, the local economy continues to be one of the best performing in the nation. The Sterling Team at Red Rock Canyon Realty is your trusted source for residential information in southern Nevada. Give us a call at