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MGM Mirage Raises their Bet on Project City Center!

Thursday, February 16th, 2006

The price just keeps going up! MGM Mirage just recently announced that Project City Center will now cost a cool $7 billion instead of the original $5 billion. Pretty soon we’re going to start talking about real money here! What’s the extra cash for? An expansion of the hotel component of the project and a larger commitment to the residential section. The market for Las Vegas high rise luxury condos has taken a beating in the press of late, but long ball hitters with long term time frames know that Las Vegas is the next major American metropolis. MGM Mirage could spend another $2 billion anywhere in the world, they’re not expanding right on Las Vegas Boulevard for nothing! How much Las Vegas luxury real estate are we talking about now? The new number is 2.3 million residential square feet right next to Bellagio! Phase One is set to debut in November of 2009. Major players with deep pockets have taken over the market for Las Vegas high rise condos. In our view, that’s a good thing. Please visit our website at

Las Vegas: Industry Leader in Trade Shows

Thursday, February 16th, 2006

The projections are in, and it looks as if the trade show industry will be running strong straight through 2006! Tradeshow Week Magazine has completed a survey of CEO’s and various other industry big shots and asked them to forecast revenue and growth potential this year. This is big news for Las Vegas, no question about it. This is also great news for Las Vegas real estate and for the people employed by the trade show industry locally who would like to buy a home. How’s this for a number? Las Vegas Hotel/Casino Resorts raked in $7.5 billion in revenue from the convention crowd last year. We’re talking everything from rooms to cigars to blackjack to fine dining on the corporate charge account. Convention revenue is a very big deal and Las Vegas is the #1 convention destination in America for 11 years running. With three of the largest convention halls right here in our town, Las Vegas can host multiple mega-conventions simultaneously! No other city in America can do that! Just another reason why this blog continues to advocate for the market for Las Vegas homes. When that $7.5 billion was spent last year, a good portion of it went into the pockets of residents that work in the industry. Many choose to invest in their future by purchasing a Henderson home or a North Las Vegas home or a Las Vegas home. That’s right, Southern Nevada is actually made up of three mutually compatible cities! Please visit our website at

North Las Vegas Continues to Grow and Prosper!

Thursday, February 16th, 2006

More great news for the market for North Las Vegas homes! CDW Corporation has chosen the booming City of North Las Vegas as the location of it’s newest (and largest) distribution center. The reseller of computer and technology products plans a 513,000 square foot distribution center that will service mail-order customers throughout the entire western United States. At more than eleven acres of total floor space, the new CDW facility will also be the largest single-building structure in Southern Nevada! It should be pointed out that North Las Vegas was chosen by CDW after an exhaustive search that covered a multitude of states and locations. Regular readers of the MS Las Vegas Real Estate Blog already know that the City of North Las Vegas is the fastest growing mid-sized city in America! This new facility serves to further highlight the Las Vegas Valley as a great place to do business. The market for Las Vegas homes continues to benefit from the strength and diversity of the local economy. North Las Vegas real estate in particular becomes more and more attractive as the city continues to grow and prosper. Please visit our website at