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Las Vegas Real Estate and the new Suburban Villages

Tuesday, February 21st, 2006

No matter what part of the Las Vegas Valley you live in, it’s likely that you’ve heard of The District at Green Valley Ranch. It’s also very likely that you’ve spent some time there strolling through the pedestrian mall. I live all the way across town in a Summerlin home, yet I’ve made the trip to enjoy a relaxing evening at The District a number of times. Many people feel that there is a bright future for the urban/suburban master-planned village concept in Greater Las Vegas. At least two additional communities of similar style are already planned out and being developed. The first one that comes to mind is THE CURVE at I-215 and Durando Drive. There is also Lamplight Village, which is to be found in the deep northwest in the Centennial Hills section of Las Vegas. The biggest attraction for developers in this type of project is the economical use of available acreage. With land prices continuing to soar, builders have to squeeze more Las Vegas real estate on to the same patch of dirt. Hence the attraction of a “suburban village” that integrates residential, retail, restaurant and office, often times at multiple levels off the ground. The District does this in a very tasteful way and the popularity of this urban-style community with residents and visitors alike is a direct reflection of a winning concept. Expect to see more and more of these mini-metropolitan neighborhoods as Las Vegas itself evolves into the next major American metropolis!