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Title Companies and Real Estate Closings in Las Vegas

Thursday, June 1st, 2006

Las Vegas Real Estate Agent Jackie HarrisIn Las Vegas, home closings are handled by Title Companies, not real estate attorneys. In fact, it’s extremely rare for real estate attorneys to be involved in real estate transactions at all.

Sterling Team Member Jackie Harris (pictured at left) offers some insights into the process of closing on your home in Las Vegas:

Title companies take care of the exchange of property between the seller and buyer. They are a group of people with designated responsibilities to make sure the title of the property is clean and has no liens attached to it. The escrow officer is the person responsible for making sure the file is put together accurately, all agreements are met according to the contract, and all documents are in order. Title companies also take care of the disbursements of all funds after money is received from the lender at closing. They also take care of recording the deed before the buyer takes possession of the property.

The buyer is given the choice of which title company to use, but sometimes the seller makes a request to use a specific company of their own choosing. Real estate agents perform a liason function between buyers, sellers and the title company. The agents make sure the title company receives contracts, addendum’s, contingencies, and earnest money.

Thank you Jackie for those helpful insights into how Title companies work and operate.

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