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Why you should NEVER go to a new home tract without a real estate agent!

Friday, June 2nd, 2006

Red Rock Canyon Realty Real Estate Agent Angela EyerWould you defend yourself in court without your own lawyer present? You probably wouldn’t try and operate on yourself either right? So why would you enter into a real estate transaction without professional help and guidance from a licensed real estate agent? If you are buying a home, you are represented FOR FREE! The developer of the home you are buying pays the real estate agents fees.

Angela Eyer (pictured at left), of The Sterling Team at Red Rock Canyon Realty, explains to us why you should NEVER go to a new home tract without taking your real estate agent along with you:

Walking into a new home salestraq can be intimidating and uncertain experience.

If the buyer gets representation from a real estate agent who does not work for the builder, they are getting their needs looked after. The salespeople at the new homes salestraq are looking after developers best interests, not yours.

If bring your own real estate agent with you, they can make sure there are no hidden fees, or technicalities, that could cause you to lose the home, or not be able to afford a home that was thought to be the right price. Education up front in the new home sales buying experience is as relevant as the information and representation that you receive from your REALTOR. Without it, you are at the mercy of the builder and their terms. Our new home sales experience has shown without a doubt to have benefited our clients throughout the entire transaction.

Builders basically do whatever they like, and buyers generally have very little they can do to get them to perform if they are unhappy with the builders actions to date. A good Realtor will keep those builders in line. A Realtor is like an insurance policy that offers their representation and considerable experience for free as he is paid by the builder and not the buyer. It costs you nothing.

Angela Eyer is one of the top producing agents on The Sterling Team. If you’re shopping for a new Las Vegas home, make sure to contact her right away! Her contact information is as follows:

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