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Las Vegas Real Estate: The Case for Underlying Strength

Monday, June 12th, 2006

It’s an important part of our job at MS Las Vegas Real Estate to keep close tabs on economic and demographic developments in the Las Vegas Valley. Here are just a few of the recent developments that prudent buyers should consider when shopping for a Las Vegas home. First and foremost is the continuing surge in the overall population of the State of Nevada. The U.S. Census bureau has recently released it’s annual population estimates for all fifty states. The State of Nevada led the entire country in the rate of population growth for the eighteenth (yes, that’s 18 straight) year in a row. It’s important to remember that almost 70% of the people that live in our State live in Southern Nevada (Las Vegas and vicinity). What do the experts attribute to such amazing long term growth? Great weather and a great economy for starters. Combine this with a business friendly environment and no State income tax and you can begin to see why so many have made the move and purchased a Las Vegas home. The most recent unemployment figures (October) peg the rate in Southern Nevada at 3.6%, which incidentally is our lowest rate in 25 years. The MS Las Vegas Real Estate team is constantly working with clients who have received generous job offers and need our expert assistance in making the transition to a new Las Vegas home. Although Las Vegas remains attractive for retirees, it’s important to realize how truly dynamic the Las Vegas economy is and the draw this creates for people in their prime earning years.The Nevada Department of Taxation just released some encouraging figures as well. October was the eleventh straight month that businesses in Nevada showed double digit sales increases compared to the same month the previous year. The October increase was an astounding 15.7 per cent. Another interesting tid bit is the fact that home furniture sales jumped 24% from last year. Southern Nevada continues to exemplify an encouraging array of positives as one considers the potential purchase of a Las Vegas home. Feel free to contact the MS Las Vegas Real Estate team should you wish to explore any of these issues further. We’re glad to be of service.Please visit our website located at for more information.