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Las Vegas and Diamonds? Baseball? Introducing the Las Vegas 51's!

Monday, August 7th, 2006

When most people think of Las Vegas and sports, they think about the sports books in most of the major casinos in Las Vegas. What many people don’t realize is that a total of three semi-pro sports teams call Las Vegas home. We have a great minor league baseball team, a cool (get it?) hockey team and a bang-up arena football team. Let’s start with the baseball story, but stay tuned for more information about hockey and football in the coming weeks.

The Las Vegas 51’s (formerly the Las Vegas Stars), an affiliate of the Los Angeles Dodgers, play their AAA minor league season right here in Las Vegas. Currently in their 23rd season, the 51’s play ball at Cashman Field, located in downtown Las Vegas. The original Las Vegas Stars opened up Cashman Field in 1983 as a AAA team for the San Diego Padres. The LV Stars played Vegas for 18 years (longer than Elvis!), until the affiliation with the Padres came to an end in 2000. The Los Angeles Dodgers stepped up to the plate (what a pun!) for the 2001 season, and a new name was given to the ball club, the Las Vegas 51’s.

The logo is the number ’51’ with an alien’s head in the lower half of the ‘5’. The alien logo bears a striking (not another pun!) resemblance to the same green guys that are most commonly associated with Area 51, where the government secretly keeps all the aliens!

For the 2006 season the 51’s have a new manager, Jerry Royster. He managed the Vegas minor league team once before. He was originally with the Las Vegas Stars from 1996-1998. At MS Las Vegas Real Estate, we’re counting on Jerry to manage a successful and entertaining baseball team. The 51’s need solid local support to hoist themselves up to the top of their division! Tickets are available on-line and start at seven dollars for General Admission on up to twelve dollars for Field Level seats. Come spend an afternoon or evening at the park!