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The Stardust Hotel: 1958 – 2006

Saturday, November 25th, 2006

The glamorous Stardust Hotel is now a relic of Las Vegas history. Coming in it’s place, quite possibly the most elaborate piece of Las Vegas real estate on the world-famous Strip to date, the $4 billion Echelon Resort. Considering the fact that Bellagio cost just over $2 billion, this should really be something. The Echelon Resort will be comprised of two hotel towers with a total of 3,300 rooms. Guests will be roaming across 140,000 square feet of casino floor and choosing between 25 restaurants. When the Stardust first opened in 1958, rooms were $6 a night! Something tells me that Echelon will cost just a bit more.

Recently home to yet another version of Wayne Newton’s endless run on the Strip, the Stardust is actually the place where Siegfried and Roy got their start! It was also made famous by those “in the know” in the 1995 movie “Casino”. Robert De Niro’s character in the film (Ace Rothstein) actually ran the Stardust (during the 1970’s) in real life (Frank Rosenthal). I think he managed the joint on behalf of a charity or trust fund or something like that…lol! Mr. Rosenthal is still with us today (amazingly), but can no longer call Las Vegas home, or even land at the airport for that matter. He really is banned by the Nevada Gaming Commission from even setting foot in Las Vegas. I think he lives in Florida now, or at least that’s what they say on TV.

Las Vegas recently saw the introduction of another Echelon property, although this one is not quite as elaborate. I’m referring to Echelon at Centennial Hills Condos. I was frankly amazed that Boyd Gaming didn’t have a complete legal-lock on the Echelon name and that this beautiful new Las Vegas condo community could share the same labeling. Oh well, I guess you never know.