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Authentic Urban Chic: The District at Green Valley Ranch

Wednesday, August 22nd, 2007

The District at Green Valley Ranch arrived on the Las Vegas real estate scene in April of 2004 and changed everyone’s conception of residential living in Southern Nevada almost immediately. We don’t think twice about it now, but at the time, The District was the very first development to incorporate residential/retail/office into a coherent, authentically urban whole. The centerpiece of The District is the pedestrian-inspired “Main Street” that connects you to fifty nine shops and restaurants that cater to every aspect of daily living. Located above these shops are eighty eight “urban style” flats and lofts that redefine the Green Valley Ranch real estate market with their unique design and character. Adding to the downtown environment are offices located above the shops as well as in a separate three-story office building. The District at Green Valley Ranch is also a natural venue for special events of all kinds. The outdoor concert series provides live music every Friday and Saturday evening and The District Festival of the Arts is not to be missed. Does all this activity sound exhausting? No worries….The District Trolley Company makes a round-trip through the community every fifteen minutes. How can you beat it!

Nevada's Construction Industry: Busier than Ever!

Wednesday, August 22nd, 2007

With residential real estate in Las Vegas finally taking a breather after years of hyper-growth, attention is now turning to the ongoing boom in commercial construction. How significant is the continued growth? In 2007, construction activity statewide will add up to roughly $9 billion in spending (according to McGraw-Hill). Construction is the state’s second largest employer and constitutes about 11% of the total workforce. The construction industry contributes $5.1 billion annually in salary and hourly wages and generates a whopping $14.7 billion in overall economic activity. Current and scheduled projects run the gamut from hotel/casino construction to public infrastructure improvements to office park development. On the Las Vegas Strip alone, the backlog is an amazing 35.5 billion dollars in construction projects slated for completion between now and 2011. This includes over 42,000 additional hotel rooms and 3.5 million square feet of additional convention space. Make no mistake about it, the business of Las Vegas is business, and no city in the world can compete with our ability to accommodate guests and stage world-class business/conference functions of every size. From Project CityCenter to World Market Center and everything in between, Las Vegas continues to amaze and inspire as the leading metropolis of the 21st century.