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Las Vegas Academy of International Studies Performing and Visual Arts

Sunday, October 28th, 2007

When my new clients with high school-aged children are inquiring about Las Vegas Real Estate, one of their primary concerns is our schools. I love it when people ask me about the Clark County School District as it gives me the opportunity to share with them the many wonderful programs our School District offers in general; but more specifically, I get to tell them about the school I am most fond of: Las Vegas Academy of International Studies Performing and Visual Arts.

Housed in the oldest high school building in the City of Las Vegas, “LVA”, as it is known is an amazing place. It is the best combination of old and new Las Vegas you will find both architecturally as well as geographically. The campus is located in the Las Vegas High School Historical District in downtown Las Vegas. The campus takes up nearly 3 city blocks in an area that is quickly being revitalized. Just one block away from the Academy a new downtown is emerging. Streamline Towers, Soho Lofts and Juhl are all new Las Vegas Condos that have been recently constructed nearby.

The Las Vegas Academy provides students the opportunity to major in the specific fields of International Studies, Theatre, Technical Theatre, Dance, Choir, Orchestra, Band, Broadcast Journalism, Photography, Spanish, Japanese, French, and soon to come Russia and Mandarin Chinese. The academic program at The Las Vegas Academy is one of the best in town with very impressive test scores, graduation rates and a very high rate of students who go on to college.

The Academy is one out of only 17 schools in the country to have received both the New American High School and U.S. Blue Ribbon School awards from the U.S. Department of Education. As you might expect, there are tremendous scholarship opportunities for the hard working students at LVA as well.

The Administration and Faculty at the Academy are among the most caring, most professional and relentlessly dedicated to their students that you will find anywhere. The number of after school hours that these amazing individuals donate is an absolute testimony as to how deeply their passion for their students and their art extends. I can personally speak as to the caliber of these outstanding educators, as my own son has been fortunate to be one of the benefactors of their hard work and sacrifice. He will forever be a better person and better citizen due to their efforts and care. (Now you know why I like the place so much!)

The Clark County School District provides many innovative and challenging programs for our students. The Administration is constantly striving to provide a wide variety of programs for high school students in order to meet the needs of our diverse student population here in Clark County.

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Las Vegas and the Great Outdoors: Spectacular and Challenging Hiking!

Sunday, October 28th, 2007

There are many locations to go hiking just outside of Las Vegas, like Red Rock Canyon, Mt. Charleston and the Valley of Fire. If you are interested in venturing out in the desert, remember to bring some basic gear.

The Southern Nevada Group of the Sierra Club lists these items as The Ten Essentials:

1. Map of the area
2. Compass
3. Flashlight w/ spare battery and bulb
4. Sunglasses, sunscreen
5. Extra food and water
6. Extra clothing, raingear, hat, mittens, sweater, etc.
7. Waterproof packed matches
8. Candle for fire starting
9. Pocket knife
10. First Aid Kit

If you are new to the area and would like to venture out into new and exciting “outdoor destinations”, always be safe and never forget the cardinal rule for any wildlife area: “Pack it In and Pack it Out”. If you bring something with you into the desert, be sure and bring it back out again. Minimize your imprint on the environment you are enjoying by using the No Trace Principles:

1. Plan ahead and prepare
2. Travel and camp on durable surfaces
3. Dispose of waste properly
4. Leave what you find
5. Minimize campfire impact
6. Respect wildlife
7. Be considerate of other visitors

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Remember to use marked trails and have fun! If you are looking for a Las Vegas home that will enable you to get to your favorite destinations with ease, feel free to give me a call!

Denise Willer is an outdoor enthusiast and a member of the Michelle Sterling Team at Prudential Americana Group, REALTORS®. In her free time she enjoys her family. If you are interested in more information about this article in particular, or Las Vegas real estate in general, please call Denise at (702) 810-0082.