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Las Vegas Real Estate: International Investors Make Their Play on a Wide Open Field

Monday, April 14th, 2008

The current exchange rate environment combined with radical repricing in the residential market make the Las Vegas investment opportunity highly attractive for international investors. For overseas players with deep pockets and realistic time frames, today’s conditions provide the “perfect storm” in which to make their moves. Internationally recognized as the global capital of opulence, decadence and entertainment, no one doubts the long-term future of Las Vegas as a money maker from virtually every point of view (residential real estate included). The numbers tell the story best; excellent population growth, massive investment in new strip resorts, job creation that other cities could only dream of and dirt cheap prices due to rampant speculation by the uneducated masses. Sophisticated financial operators make their careers by striking aggressively in these very types of circumstances. Different players are making their moves in different aspects of the market. Major builders have dangerously overextended themselves and are now forced to offer incredibly attractive terms on new Las Vegas homes. The market for high rise Las Vegas luxury condos? It’s a highly opportune time for aggressive negotiation as yesterday’s pie-in-the-sky buyers squirm and beg to get out of their contracts and units fall into repossession left and right. The market for resale Las Vegas homes? Considering the fact that almost 50% of homes for sale are vacant and Las Vegas foreclosures are among the highest in the country, the opportunities on the buy side are simply huge.

Michelle Sterling Team member Michael Antos is more than qualified to represent foreign national investors. With an extensive portfolio of international clients, you can expect Michael’s in-depth experience and negotiating skills to play a critical role in maximizing your Las Vegas real estate opportunities. He can be reached toll free at 888-349-2595 or