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Las Vegas Real Estate and Social Networking

Monday, November 23rd, 2009

The Michelle Sterling Team recently attended a class on blogging and social networking for the Las Vegas real estate industry taught by industry veterans Kathryn Bovard and Jan O’Brien. While blogging was something most of our agents were familiar with, the segments on Facebook and Twitter were very eye opening and educational. I think most people associate Facebook with the highly personal process of conducting a portion of your social and/or intimate life online. But Jan and Kathryn taught us about the ways in which Facebook can be utilized for business purposes by means of business oriented “pages” as opposed to personal “profiles”. In addition, Twitter was introduced to us as a business connection tool for sharing important ideas and information. Used properly, Twitter “tweets” can also be an effective conduit for driving traffic to other Internet business destinations, such as a blog or website. The class was more than worthwhile and the team is now even better prepared to be effective in our chosen sphere of influence in the Las Vegas market, the Internet domain.