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Google in China – Complicated Decisions Ahead

Wednesday, January 20th, 2010

As an Internet-based business, the Michelle Sterling Las Vegas real estate team takes a keen interest in all things Google. The Google search engine provides the marketing foundation for our daily business process and we have followed the growth of the company over the past decade with keen interest on many levels. It is along this line of thought that we would like to comment on the current situation concerning Google and the hacker-related espionage recently perpetrated against the company.

One would imagine that the Google motto of “do no evil” has been stood on its head in some very intense meetings lately, as the company seems quite determined to “have no evil done to you”. Google has already announced their intention to revisit the decision to censor results on its Chinese search engine, and today brings a new announcement postponing the release of new mobile phones (that use Google’s Android software) by a Chinese cellphone company. The situation seems destined to get much more complicated before it gets resolved, with Reuters reporting that Google employees in China are under investigation by the company. Was this at least partially an inside job? Anything seems possible at this point.

Particularly disturbing are reports that intensive efforts were made to compromise the security/privacy of Gmail in order to gain access to accounts belonging to Chinese human rights activists. As the US government deepens its involvement in the matter, this could potentially become a significant diplomatic issue between the two countries as well.