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Another Chance Loan to Homebuyers Offered By Premier Mortgage

Friday, October 12th, 2012

Las Vegas Valley ranked as the 3rd perfect place for home buyers in 50 leading cities in U.S. by, which has caught the interests of renters and residents with houses on foreclosure. People are wondering if they can afford even a low-priced home or have lower mortgage than their previous.

To answer these questions certain factors must be considered first like lifestyle, personal goals, credit history, and finance. Being updated of the financial options available will help make a wise decision when buying a home these days according to Rick Piette.

He added also that the main step is to get an advice from a mortgage professional who is well-experienced and knows everything about mortgages especially on any latest finance program for borrowers with low credit and have experienced recent foreclosure. One of these programs is being offered by Another Chance Nevada in Las Vegas.

Piette said that making a decision whether to rent or purchase a house is a personal decision that one should make after considering various options and facts.

To know if your family’s financial status is capable of buying a home, you must know every available option. You can achieve this by visiting Premier Mortgage Lending and talking with a lending specialist to learn the mortgage programs offered and to know if you can purchase a house through the mortgage pre-qualification.

Those who have experienced short sale are delighted to know they can own a home through the help of Another Chance Nevada. Through Another Chance, institutional and private lenders offer housing loans with complete documentation underwriting guidelines. These loans with 15-30 years fixed rate have interest higher compared to the rates of traditional mortgage and down payment of 20% is required. In 30 days upon approval of loan, borrowers may close and refinance their loans with no penalty.

The lending company also offers chance of homeownership to those who do not qualify for traditional mortgage and refinance loan with no penalty.

Another program of Chance Loan is using the loan to resale or purchase a new home. The lender works with housing companies like Pardee Homes, D.R. Horton, Beazer Homes, Pulte Homes, and more.

Piette said that interested home buyers should visit their office. They can provide help to individuals who want to know if they can qualify for mortgage.