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Torn Between Two Houses?

Tuesday, October 30th, 2012

When scouting for houses, sometimes you’re bound to bump into more than just one choice. So what do you do when you’re in such a dilemma?

House hunting is exciting but it can also be frustrating. Frustration comes when you don’t see a house that you like in the market, but it’s the same frustration you’ll feel when you’re faced with two choices. In this situation, you may be just be tempted to play the “eenie-meenie-miney-mo” game in your head just to get the selection process over and done with. But that’s not really the best solution to your problem.

One way to make a decision is to have a rational and practical approach rather than be guided by your emotions. The best course of action is to sit down and make a pros and cons on both houses. When making your list, take into consideration your family’s needs, your financial capability, and the location of the houses. Make a comparison of the houses and you’re sure to see the more appropriate home that will suit your lifestyle.

• Location – The neighborhood is an important factor that you should highly consider when making your choice. Various factors will affect your choice. If you’re a young independent single person then you may want a house that’s just a short commute from your home with some cool places for you to hang out with your friends. If you’re a married couple with kids or planning to have kids in the near future then it might be wise to explore the area and see for yourself how close the school, shopping, restaurants, church, and other establishments are.

• Market Value – You can ask your real estate agent to give you a copy of the annual sales report over the past few years and look at the rates of the real estate sales. If one neighborhood shows an increase of 5% and the other shows an increase of 10% then it’s a no-brainer which direction you should go.

• Crime Rate – Your family’s safety is a very important so it wouldn’t hurt to get some information from the local police about the neighborhoods you have in mind.

• Undesirable – You may also want to focus on some of the drawbacks or the cons list. One house may present you with more negatives which could affect your lifestyle.