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Las Vegas Railway Express Plans to Extend Rail Service Connecting Southern California to Las Vegas

Thursday, November 1st, 2012

Catching the public’s attention this week is this bold move by the Las Vegas Railway Express to make things happen in 2013.

Las Vegas Railway Express has expressed its plans to construct a 150-mph railway extending from Las Vegas to Southern California. It plans to utilize the existing tracks and announced that the service will start by the end of 2013.

The scheduled run of the train, called the X Train, will be 5 days a week. It will run through the new Downtown Las Vegas terminal to Fullerton California. The journey will cover 300 miles and will take roughly about 5 hours. It would cost $99 for the one-way trip which already includes food and beverage.

This announcement has bumped up on its stocks sales, enough to raise $2.3 million since May. Michael Barron, CEO of Las Vegas Railway Express is optimistic about the inaugural of the project next year. However there are still some concerns and unresolved details to be taken care of.

It’s reported that the company earlier announced that the Nevada Department of Transportation supports the X Train project as a viable short-term rail project in the State. However, when Nevada Department of Transportation spokesman Scott Magruder gave a statement it sounded less affirmative. It was more along the line where NDOT will support the X Train along with the rest of the viable alternatives. But even with the contrasting announcements, Barron still stands by what he said earlier.

The most recent report about Las Vegas Railway Express presents that the company is still in negotiation with the BNSF Railway and the UP Railroad. Talks on secure rail trackage rights and the finalization regarding capital issues are still on the table. But following this report submitted on July 10 tells a different tale. From that annual report it states that the trackage rights agreement has already been negotiated with the Union Pacific Railroad.

Above these unresolved details also are conflicting reports coming from Burlighton Northern Santa Fe’s position. Suann Lundsberg who is the spokeswoman for BNSF stated that they are only awaiting proposal from Amtrak and that they are not having any discussions with the Las Vegas Railway Express. To which Barron only said that she is not well informed.
But despite these problems, Barron claims that the operating issues of the LV have been resolved and only the scheduling remains to be fixed.