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Moving to Las Vegas Tips: Getting the Electricity and Water Running!

Tuesday, November 6th, 2012

Moving to a new place, whether intentional or work-related, requires a lot of planning and organization. One of your most important priorities will be setting up the utilities for your new home. Here’s a few tips on what you need to do to ensure that you have power and running water in your new home asap:

First Stop: Power or Electricity

Las Vegas electricity is run and powered by a natural gas power plant owned by Nevada Power. Most people think that all the glowing lights and billboards are powered by the Hoover Dam, but Nevada is proud to say, they provide their own means of electricity.

To acquire new service, Nevada Power has conveniently made it possible for residents to apply online. For those who prefer to apply in person, they may do so by calling the office. As a standard procedure, Nevada power will require a deposit amount equivalent to one and a half month, based on the highest bill paid by the applicant during the previous year. The deposit can however be waived upon presentation of a certification of good credit standing from another electric power company. For those who are not able to acquire one, the deposit paid is refundable upon request after one year of good credit standing. The average deposit paid for most homes in Nevada is about $90.

Nevada Power also offers rebates and incentives for energy conservation and energy savings practices.

Second Stop: Water

After electricity, the next thing you want to see running before moving in to your new Las Vegas abode is clean water. Las Vegas, which is mostly a desert area, puts a premium on clean water, so be prepared for slightly more expensive bills than you may be used to.

Water being a precious commodity in Vegas, the Las Vegas Valley Water District has implemented strict guidelines and expansive rebates and incentives for a more aggressive water conservation campaign. They require a deposit of at least $150, or twice the amount of the highest monthly bill you had last year, whichever is higher. This is to be paid immediately upon request for service. To ensure that you have water on the same day of the request, an additional $15 will guarantee same day connection. Transferring service may also be done online through the transfer exiting service department.