Las Vegas Homes: It's All About the Opportunity

**The foreclosure problems in Las Vegas stem from the unaffordable terms of the mortgages themselves, rather than from local economic conditions** CNN

The Las Vegas real estate market is TEMPORARILY DISTORTED due to outrageously incompetent LENDING parameters from 2003 through 2006…..

This is a CRITICAL issue to clearly understand. Las Vegas real estate represents a tremendous opportunity for savvy buyers that understand fundamental value. Buyers are firmly in control (for now) and scoring fantastic deals on Las Vegas homes left and right. Major market corrections necessarily provide outsized opportunities for smart operators that didn’t fall for the hype and borrow money (mortgages) that made NO sense.

The underlying economy in Southern Nevada is structurally sound and about to get stronger than ever. The article link at the bottom of this post makes the case for future strength very persuasively. Not enough to convince you? Drive down the Las Vegas Strip and count the construction cranes. Don’t live anywhere near Las Vegas at the moment? Google Earth will show you everything you need to see!

Buyers who wait in 2008 will stand in line in 2009

The Las Vegas Business Press just published an article aptly named The Boulevard Formula by Howard Stutz. It’s well worth your time to read.

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