Black Mountain Institute of Las Vegas Welcomes Jim Lehrer

The Black Mountain Institute of Las Vegas, an International Center for Creative Writers and Scholars, holds public symposiums involving the nation’s top names in literature (among it’s many scholarly activities).  This highly significant contribution to literary culture, based right here in Las Vegas, is one of the jewels of our public life. The institute will be presenting “The Death of Old News” at the University of Nevada Las Vegas student union ballroom tonight at 7pm. In attendance will be one of my all time favorites in the news business … Jim Lehrer of the PBS Newshour as well as Alex Jones – director of the Joan Shorenstein Center on the Press, Politics, and Public Policy at Harvard University. There is no charge to attend this timely and highly relevant discussion and the public is enthusiastically invited. This is a great opportunity to hear the views of leading minds on the subject of where the news business is headed in the 21st century and how cable channels and the Internet influence the information dissemination process. Hope to see you there !!


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