Buyer Representation for New Las Vegas Homes

I spoke to a client recently that was determined to strike out on his own in the new construction market. He just didn’t see the need for my services when the new home sales office was readily at his disposal with agents on duty to answer his questions and serve his needs. Here was my response to his point of view…

Thank you for your inquiry about brand new homes in Las Vegas. I have extensive experience representing clients in the market for new construction all across Southern Nevada and I look forward to working on your behalf.

Please keep in mind that my representation on your behalf is a critical component in obtaining the best possible deal on your new home. The community you have expressed interest in has a sales office that is staffed with real estate agents that work for the builder. It is their job to obtain the best possible terms for the builder of the home…..who of course is also the seller.

My job is to negotiate aggressively on your behalf to obtain the best possible terms for you. My services are completely FREE to you because my fees are paid by the seller. It is illegal for the builder to give you a better deal if you don’t have proper representation, so don’t worry about that one bit. My knowledge of your chosen community, and others like it, is extensive and continually updated, so I can challenge the seller to improve upon selling terms in ways that you may never think of yourself.

Lastly, don’t forget that new home builders in Las Vegas are forced to compete for Buyers every day with banks that are selling foreclosed homes, often nearly new themselves, at very aggressive prices. I will bring this research to bear as well when I negotiate the best possible price with the builder whose product you have shown interest in.

I’m sure you’ll agree that my services are both extensive and necessary as you seek to obtain the most house for the money in what can truly be called a “buyers market” !!

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