Chanel J12 Las Vegas Style: Serious Wrist Candy

There can be no question that Las Vegas luxury real estate has risen to world-class status right along with the golfing, dining, nightlife and shopping to be found in our fabulous city. Hey, did someone say shopping? Ask yourself this question…..what good does it do to have a sumptuous Las Vegas luxury home if you can’t supplement it with the appropriate trimmings? The MS Las Vegas Real Estate Blog has taken on the tremendous responsibility of keeping readers up-to-date on the latest in luxury goods to accompany your palatial estate in the hottest city in the galaxy. Past blog posts have highlighted the latest in diamond encrusted satellite cell phones, the local Lamborghini dealership and luxury suites at The Palms, just to name a few. Now it’s time to feature the latest in luxury wrist candy, the new limited edition Chanel J12 Casino timepiece. How limited is this edition of the coveted Chanel J12 watch collection? The only Chanel stores in the world to provide access to the one dozen J12 Casino’s in the world……are the two Chanel stores in Bellagio and Wynn Las Vegas. That’s right, there are only 12 of these incredible J12’s available for purchase. If you have to ask, believe me you can’t afford it ($56,000). Absolutely stunning craftsmanship and design by Chanel has created a J12 evocative of a distinctly French 37-slot roulette wheel. The bezel consists of 18 rubies, 18 black ceramic stones and one emerald, all in baguette, as if you had to ask. Designed exclusively for the Las Vegas Chanel locations, it should come as no surprise that Las Vegas is one of the strongest local markets in the universe for the entire Chanel J12 line. Measuring out at 41-millimeters, the J12 Casino makes a statement that is impossible to ignore, just like the city itself. Ready to make your statement in Las Vegas? The Michelle Sterling Team at Prudential Americana is ready to roll right with you. We’re major players…..and you?

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