City of North Las Vegas: Bigger Budget / Lower Taxes / What Gives?

North Las VegasThe City of North Las Vegas put together a new budget last week that increases spending by just over thirty percent, yet maintains a balanced budget. How did they do it? The same way so many other amazing things happen in Southern Nevada, spectacular growth!

Here’s additional good news for owners of North Las Vegas homes, property taxes were actually decreased slightly. I know what you’re thinking, how much growth could there have been to pull this off? As it turns out, North Las Vegas is now the third fastest growing large city in America. Overall tax revenues are up, way up. North Las Vegas has adopted a highly positive pro-business approach to the municipality and it’s working. Centex homes has made a major commitment to North Las Vegas real estate with the Ardiente community. The master-planned community of Aliante homes continues to be one of the most popular in the valley. Overall infrastructure continues to improve and the added investment from the budget boost will benefit residents and businesses alike. If you’re thinking of relocating yourself and/or your business to Southern Nevada, by all means consider the advantages presented by the City of North Las Vegas.

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