Cutting-Edge Block Data Center Soon in Las Vegas

Telecom Real Estate Services or (TRES), a Data Center developer, has launched the Block Data Center in Las Vegas. The project aims to showcase the company’s recently developed strategy when it comes to developing the wholesale data center space. Located in Losee Road, the project will offer power capacity of 13.8 megawatts in blocks and will be leased to enterprise clients, specifically in the healthcare industry.

TRES has announced construction of the Block Data Center in Northern Las Vegas with 7,500 sq. ft. data center space suites. This can provide clients with various options on how they want their space to be priced and developed.

TRES CEO Kevin Keating stated that the program is built with its shell, core, and N+1 systems. Tenants can select if they want to shell out money for any program improvements and keep the same rent with those of office rents or if they want TRES to create and finance the program at the collocation rent. Each of the blocks is self-sufficient. Tenants have their own HVAC, generator, and power. The building provides the N+1 back-up.

Construction of this project illustrates how the industry of data center is building up in the Las Vegas area and how Nevada is able to attract new projects. The Data Center is the 2nd in the state, with the recently opened Rubicon Data Centers being the first one.

The Block will have its two-phase construction. Phase I offers 4 space blocks and 10-megawatt power. Each block comes with UPS capacity of 1.2 megawatts. This phase includes completely retrofitting the existing 50,000sq.ft. building. There are four blocks on the building’s 30,000 sq.ft. raised floor part and the blocks are 7,500 sq.ft. each. The blocks are independent of each other, which provides clients the option to have 1 or even up to 4 blocks. The facility will be managed by TRES. The company will also be responsible for the project’s critical operations.

TRES is a veteran of the industry. The company has been responsible for developing data center and telecom facilities since 1998. The company developed Carrier Center, which was sold to 360networks, and built more than a million square feet area of space. Recently, TRES redeveloped a Sacramento property, which was purchased by Digital Realty.

According to Keating, after selling the company’s Sacramento Data Center, a lot of companies wanting affordable yet cutting-edge data centers with quick market time have been in contact. Keating stated that with its complete design, power, and block configuration set, Block Data Center is ready to be delivered within 6 months.

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