Nevada: What a Job Generator!

Nevada’s jobless rate remained at 4 percent in June, a full percentage point lower than the national average, a state agency reported Friday. The seasonally adjusted jobless rate compares to a 5.3 percent unemployment rate in neighboring California, according to the report from the Department of Employment, Training and Rehabilitation. The State of Nevada continues to lead the nation in job growth by a wide margin. This is yet another reason why an investment in Las Vegas real estate makes good financial sense. For the past 12 months, the state has been growing jobs at a 6.4 percent rate. Arizona is the only state even close at 3.8 percent. Birgit Baker, director of the employment department said: “Four industries that pay good wages — construction, education and health services, finance, and professional and business services — have accounted for 112,000 new jobs during the current economic expansion.” The market for Las Vegas homes is underpinned by a strong and diversified economy that creates record numbers of high quality jobs.

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