Fun on Fremont Street – Lights, Music, Action!

The Las Vegas real estate business is actually fun on a regular basis, like yesterday for example. I was talking to a new client that insisted on being 15 minutes drive or less from downtown and the Fremont Street Experience. It seems that he just loves the downtown action in general and the Fremont Experience light show in particular. Have you ever been downtown at night and seen the hourly run for the mall? What do I mean? Every hour on the hour, the Fremont Street Canopy lights up with an incredible burst of light and sound. As soon as the music starts, throngs of players in the casinos dash out to the mall to take in the show, and then dash back to their seats as soon as the music stops. It’s quite a spectacle to see! The Fremont Canopy of Lights measures 1,450 feet long and 65 feet wide. It takes 58 miles of electrical cable and 100 miles of data cable to make it all happen. The music system? There are 52 clusters of speakers that belt out 550,000 watts of sound. Nightly crowds for the light shows can average from ten to twenty thousand people. As you can imagine, Las Vegas locals are a big part of the nightly action. It’s not at all unusual for clients to purchase a Las Vegas home because they just want to have more fun and Downtown Las Vegas makes for great nightly entertainment!

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