Green Technology for Your Home at 2008 International CES in Las Vegas

The International Consumer Electronics Show hits Las Vegas this coming Monday. The world’s largest consumer electronics tradeshow is “going green” this year by showcasing earth-friendly technology at every opportunity. In addition, the show itself is going to great lengths to lead by example. For instance, CES organizers vow to reduce and/or offset the carbon footprint made by the trade-show, which features nearly 3,000 exhibitors and upwards of 200,000 attendees, by insisting on extensive recycling and improved energy usage. To further make their point, The Consumer Electronics Association has arranged with to offset the estimated 20,000 tons of carbon attributable to the four day CES extravaganza. Talk about dedication to this years theme!

The environmental benefits of home automation technology will be one of the feature aspects of the CES “green theme”. Numerous computerized smart-systems will be on display that reduce the amount of energy wasted in cooling, heating or lighting a contemporary home. The driving force is the notion of empowering environmentally conscious homeowners to take control of their household environmental footprint in order to manage it more efficiently. The goal is to take the “smart home” concept beyond the purview of tech-savvy custom luxury residences and bring the environmental benefits into the mainstream of home ownership. For example, a company called Lifeware will be showcasing its version of the “brain” at the centre of a smart home. Their product is a $2,500 home server, configurable from a computer or an entertainment system remote, that can talk to wirelessly linked light switches, thermostats and alarms. As you can imagine, Las Vegas homes (that sit in 105 degree heat for four months of the year) could really benefit from these energy-saving technologies.

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