In Response to John Madonna: Donald Trump in Las Vegas

MS Las Vegas Real Estate is always happy to receive and respond to comments from the blog. Hey John, thanks for the comment! No question about it, Donald Trump is a serious ego-maniac…..and that was before The Apprentice! The guy definetly believes too much of his own press. You’re quite right about his financial troubles back in 1989, and I think Citibank was more worried about what it might do to them if he defaulted than what it would mean for “The Donald”. I’m not sure that his exit from Las Vegas will be as swift as you think though. Remember, this is not a gaming property, this is a luxury high-rise Las Vegas real estate development. One thing you can say about Trump, his success in the luxury high-rise market in NYC and Florida is difficult to argue against. The Las Vegas development is extrememly similar to the Trump International in New York. Anybody been there recently? Is the building as beautiful as it looks in photographs? How about more commentary about Trump in Las Vegas? You can view John Madonna’s comments and others as well by clicking on the “last comments” link right below the calendar on the right side of the blog. Who doesn’t have an opinion about Donald Trump!?!

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