Job Growth in Nevada: Four Times the National Average!

The State of Nevada continued to produce a record number of new jobs in October. The unemployment rate, which was 4.2% in September, fell to 4.1% in October. The strength of the economy in Southern Nevada provides the foundation for the Las Vegas real estate market. Yup, that’s the real estate market that was supposed to be a bursting bubble! Over the course of the past year, Nevada businesses have added 71,500 new jobs. The vast majority of these new jobs (61,500) have been added in the Las Vegas area! Las Vegas homes continue to be a solid investment backed up by a solid local economy. For god sakes, our job growth is four times the national average! Please don’t imagine that it’s all casino jobs either. Would you have guessed that less than 18% of all employed Nevadans work in the gaming industry? It’s true! Las Vegas is a real city and economic diversification plays a major role in our ability to become the next major American metropolis. MS Las Vegas Real Estate is right where you need us to be….right in the middle of the action with the skills and the market insight you need. Call us at

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