Is Las Vegas a Victim of SAD? No Chance!

It’s that time of year again (who knew?) when people in less fortunate locals have to concern themselves with SAD. Oh my gosh, what exactly is SAD? My first guess was that it stood for “Straight At the Dealer”, a chain reaction caused by too many losing hands at the Blackjack table. Can’t you just see it? The frustration builds and builds until you give up and throw your cards Straight At the Dealer (SAD). No?? Ok, would you believe that it stands for “Seasonal Affective Disorder”? Apparently this is serious stuff in certain parts of the country (like Buffalo for example), where clinical depression creeps up on people in the winter months due to late sunrises, cloudy skies and shortened days. Are you ready for this? The region of the country you live in can impact your risk of suffering from depression based on lack of sunlight. Does this mean I should stop playing “21” and go outside more? I certainly hope not.

Personally, I’m all about late sunrises. You see, I’m a jedi-class webmaster, and a nocturnal creature by nature, maneuvering through the inner-most reaches of the World Wide Web, mostly at night. But this can get a little stressful, so I like to break the tension by patronizing any one of several world-class “after hours” clubs, and believe me, Vegas has a few. Anyhow, late sunrises are great for me because there’s nothing worse than exiting an incredibly dark establishment into a disgustingly bright morning. I haven’t yet found a pair of sunglasses, at any price, that sufficiently save me from this fate. What can you do?

In any event, back to our story. In the United States, SAD is (thankfully) about five times more prevalent in the northern tier of states (places like Minnesota I guess), and having recently checked the map, I can tell you that we’re safe and secure from SAD in Southern Nevada. Before you start taking this whole issue as lightly (no pun intended) as I obviously am, realize that no less an authority than the Columbia University Medical Center has spent serious research time (and dollars) shining-a-light on this subject. They even have a “Center for Light Treatment and Biological Rhythms” at Columbia Medical that analyzes these issues in-depth (for reasons I’ll never understand). What could they possibly deduce about light and rhythm at Columbia that you couldn’t understand intuitively after one night at Tao, Tabu or Spearmint Rhino? Personally, I’m wondering why they haven’t put laboratory mice in clear plexiglas containers right underneath the pink and red Circus Circus neon clown marquee. Talk about intensive light treatment! It’s hard to understand what a bright proposal this is (unless, of course, you’ve been to Circus Circus), but maybe they just don’t do that kind of thing, even to mice, even at Columbia Medical.

Are you ready for the great news? The NOAA (The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) has actually ranked cities according to the percentage of daylight hours when the sun is actually shining. No, I’m absolutely not joking. Doesn’t that make you feel good about paying your federal taxes? I heard a rumor that the study was secretly requested (and partially funded) by the PGA Tour and a consortium of sun-care companies led by Hawaiian Tropic. In any event, let’s take a look at the results, shall we?

SUNNIEST Big Cities: LAS VEGAS (85 percent); Phoenix (85 percent); Sacramento, Calif. (78 percent); Los Angeles (73 percent); Miami (70 percent)

DARKEST Big Cities: Seattle (43 percent); Pittsburgh (45 percent); Portland, Ore. (48 percent); Buffalo, N.Y. (48 percent); Cleveland (49 percent)

As you can see, Las Vegas is officially ranked at the very top of major metropolitan areas nationwide for daylight hours when the sun is actually shining. Apparently this is very important for people that live a lifestyle completely unlike my own. What can I say except I’m happy for them?? In the meantime, I’m going to keep the blinds closed (until it gets dark outside), because moving to Cleveland is just totally out of the question……

The Michelle Sterling Las Vegas Real Estate Team just felt like having a little fun with this blog post….and we hope you did too!

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