Las Vegas Arts District: Art About Street Festival

At MS Las Vegas Real Estate we constantly strive to educate blog readers about the new and evolving Las Vegas. It’s like we keep saying…Las Vegas is rapidly becoming a real city! Cultural development is a significant part of the evolutionary process in Las Vegas and the Downtown Arts District is a dynamic part of our transformation. Every third Saturday of the month, the Arts District is converted into the largest street festival and farmers market in Southern Nevada! What’s the “Art About” party all about? It’s an opportunity to showcase the artistic contribution of locally based talent at every level. Included in the celebration of local talent is a monthly competition between gifted artists in the Clark County school system. The monthly festivities are hosted by the City of Las Vegas/Office of Cultural Affairs. You would be amazed at how many people seem surprised that Las Vegas has an Office of Cultural Affairs to begin with. The Michelle Sterling Team at Prudential Americana is proud to call Las Vegas home.

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