Las Vegas Most Undervalued Market in Nation

Las Vegas real estate presents the most undervalued residential real estate opportunity in the entire country according to In today’s online article focusing primarily on the most overvalued markets in the country (hard to believe there are any of those), CNNMoney declared Las Vegas, Nevada 41.4% below fair market value, thereby leading the nation in this distinction. Here’s a curious coincidence speaking of 41%, it just so happens that 41% of all buyers in the Las Vegas market paid CASH for their homes in the month of December. In fact, between September and December of 2009, cash transactions accounted for a whopping 40-45% of overall buyer activity each month. Could there be a connection here? Could it possibly involve smart money seeking out a highly compelling long-term opportunity?

Hmm … most unique city in America … most undervalued market … massive amounts of cash buyers … go figure ??

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