Las Vegas Real Estate: International Investors

Due to the mortgage banking crisis that the United States has been enduring for over a year now, lenders have tightened their financing guidelines tremendously. Not only is it harder for a US Citizen to obtain mortgage financing in this new environment, International investors (with the exception of Canadians) can no longer obtain loans from mainstream US lenders for residential real estate in any circumstance we are aware of.

The Las Vegas real estate market is full of opportunity for savvy buyers that understand long-term value. Our prices have literally plunged over the last 18 months and the bank foreclosure market is especially attractive. The “big picture” economic prospects for Las Vegas, Nevada going forward are not at all in doubt, despite the immediate situation. Smart money from all over the world is pouring in to take advantage of deeply discounted residential properties while they still exist.

Should you be in the market for Las Vegas real estate on a cash basis, I can assure you that the Michelle Sterling Team will provide the most comprehensive Buyer Representation available in Southern Nevada. Our in-depth knowledge of the bank foreclosure market is especially advantageous to you as you seek to maximize your opportunities.

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