Las Vegas will still be Las Vegas

When this economic crisis is over, when a reasonable balance between supply and demand is restored to the residential real estate market, when the US economy begins to power forward again (as it always does over the long run), Las Vegas will still be Las Vegas. Even in the midst of a serious recession, Las Vegas continues to be one of the most popular tourist and convention destinations in the world. Through good times and bad, there just isn’t any city on the planet like ours.

An important barometer of our continued popularity comes from a source you might not think of necessarily, the Nevada Film Office. For the last nine years running, revenue from film production, tv shows, documentaries, music videos and commercials have topped 100 million dollars, the Nevada Film Office said today. The continued attraction of Las Vegas as a visual experience is more directly related to the attraction of Las Vegas as a residential experience than you might imagine. The excitement and appeal of Las Vegas doesn’t just make people want to visit here, it also makes them want to live here.

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