Las Vegas as a Brand Name? It's a Winner!

Some of us are old enough to remember a time when Muhammad Ali was the most recognizable person in the entire world. A larger than life figure, Ali was more than a celebrity, he was a symbol for something unique to the entire world. Well it seems that the “notion” or the “symbol” that the phrase “Las Vegas” congers up in the active imagination is reaching global status as well. This has got to be good news for the market for Las Vegas Real Estate In the second annual Newsmaker Brands Survey published in USA Today last week, Las Vegas ranked fifth! The first four on the list were iPod, Google, Oprah and eBay. Wow, this is pretty good company to be in! Better yet, Las Vegas is expected to rise to fourth place next year! The MS Las Vegas Real Estate Blog has put forth the proposition that Las Vegas, Nevada is destined to become the next major American metropolis. The evidence gets more convincing all the time! The Sterling Team at Red Rock Canyon Realty is your trusted source for information on the market for Las Vegas Homes. You can reach us at

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