Las Vegas: Famous Worldwide and Getting More So!

Last year, Las Vegas hosted more than 1.56 million overseas travelers, a 20.6 percent increase over 2003, according to the U.S. Department of Commerce’s Office of Travel and Tourism Industries. What do these numbers actually mean? It means that we are incredibly popular compared to other US cities as a foreign tourist destination. In fact, Las Vegas ranked #7 in the entire country! Yup, NYC took top honors and Los Angeles was number two for reasons I’ll never understand. But hey, we’ll take the #7 spot and the cities still ahead of us better watch out! Luring more overseas travelers here is key to the LVCVA’s stated goal of drawing 43 million visitors to Las Vegas by 2009. That year, it hopes nearly 6.5 million international travelers will visit the city annually, up from last year’s estimated 4.5 million. Also on the rise is overseas interest in Las Vegas homes as an investment and/or vacation property. MS Las Vegas Real Estate is your local partner and experienced guide in every aspect of the Las Vegas real estate

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