Las Vegas: Industry Leader in Trade Shows

The projections are in, and it looks as if the trade show industry will be running strong straight through 2006! Tradeshow Week Magazine has completed a survey of CEO’s and various other industry big shots and asked them to forecast revenue and growth potential this year. This is big news for Las Vegas, no question about it. This is also great news for Las Vegas real estate and for the people employed by the trade show industry locally who would like to buy a home. How’s this for a number? Las Vegas Hotel/Casino Resorts raked in $7.5 billion in revenue from the convention crowd last year. We’re talking everything from rooms to cigars to blackjack to fine dining on the corporate charge account. Convention revenue is a very big deal and Las Vegas is the #1 convention destination in America for 11 years running. With three of the largest convention halls right here in our town, Las Vegas can host multiple mega-conventions simultaneously! No other city in America can do that! Just another reason why this blog continues to advocate for the market for Las Vegas homes. When that $7.5 billion was spent last year, a good portion of it went into the pockets of residents that work in the industry. Many choose to invest in their future by purchasing a Henderson home or a North Las Vegas home or a Las Vegas home. That’s right, Southern Nevada is actually made up of three mutually compatible cities! Please visit our website at

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