Boys and Girls Clubs: Las Vegas is a Real City!

The MS Las Vegas Real Estate Blog continues the process of educating the wider world to the fact that Las Vegas is a real city! One of the strongest indicators of civic pride and community responsibility comes from the commitment made by local residents to those among us that are less fortunate. The Boys and Girls Clubs of Las Vegas are a case in point. Offering early morning, track break and after school programs, the Boys and Girls Clubs lend guidance and support to almost 13,000 kids every year. Spread out over 10 facilities across the valley, the clubs receive support from such local luminaries as Andre Agassi and Donald W. Reynolds. Michelle Sterling of The Sterling Team at Red Rock Canyon Realty has been a proud resident of Las Vegas for 24 years. Enthusiasm for the future of Las Vegas inspires The Sterling Team every day. The market for Las Vegas homes is full of potential. Our knowledge and experience can be a real door opener!

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