Las Vegas Just Keeps Rolling!

The market for Las Vegas homes depends on an economy that keeps on rolling! How’s it going? The visitor count for 2005 is well on it’s way to becoming stellar! Full year figures won’t be available for another month, but the November data is in. The Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority reports that November saw almost 3.1 million people hitting the Strip! In fact, Las Vegas attendance records have broken 3 million every month this year except February. Economic conditions in Las Vegas are very much a reflection of economic conditions nationwide. If you combine consumer confidence with disposable income, what do you get? A trip to Las Vegas! Las Vegas real estate is a direct beneficiary of the strength of our tourist data, and the effects are felt across the board! The market for Las Vegas Condos is going strong. The baby boomers have made Southern Nevada a prime retirement destination, and our Sun City real estate communities and Las Vegas golf homes have benefited tremendously. Luxury Las Vegas homes have exploded across the valley, proof positive that there are plenty of high paying jobs here. The Sterling Team at Red Rock Canyon Realty is fully prepared to present every aspect of the residential market. Give us a call at

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