Las Vegas Luxury Lofts: Here Comes Newport!

Newport Lofts is well on the way to becoming residential reality! There has been no shortage of national press about the luxury high-rise market in Las Vegas and some very high-profile developments have been cancelled of late. But not Newport! Slated for completion in mid 2007, Newport Lofts will soar 23 stories in the air and provide 168 Las Vegas luxury homes. Prices begin at just above 300k and run well over a million as you get to the top of the building. The exterior is blue-tinted glass (think ocean) and the architecture is California all the way. If you’re a local, make a drive-by at Casino Center and Hoover Avenue. You won’t believe that they’re up almost 12 stories already! There is a huge amount of development money being wagered that Downtown Las Vegas is about to become the new focal point for business/retail/residential urbanization in Southern Nevada. Pretty exciting stuff!

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