Las Vegas Real Estate: Straight Up in More Ways Than One

Don’t look now, but Las Vegas is intent (in fact hell bent) on becoming a serious city for sophisticated urban living. The Las Vegas Real Estate market is about to provide an abundance of the one thing that has gone missing (unless you were fortunate enough to stay in a penthouse high roller suite), world class high-rise condominiums. MS Las Vegas Real Estate, is very excited about the new opportunities soon to be presented to connoisseurs of urban chic. We have in mind that truly discerning urban animal that has never considered Las Vegas real estate because suburban living just doesn’t work for them.Although the ice has already been broken by Turnberry Place and Park towers, construction is soon to begin on “the” signature development that will truly mark the arrival of Las Vegas as a city to be reckoned with. Let the competition begin for the high rise luxury real estate dollar. In case you missed it, MGM Mirage Corporation made a stunning announcement last month that will change the way urban sophisticates view Las Vegas Real estate forever. How does a four billion dollar master plan spread out over sixty six acres sound? Not just any sixty six acres, but the sixty six that just happen to be wedged between the Bellagio and the Monte Carlo right on the strip itself. By the way, MGM Mirage wants you to know that this is larger than Times Square, Rockefeller Center and SoHo combined. They also want you to know that a Gaming company is thrilled to be making a Las Vegas real estate investment on strip property that could very easily be converted into more casinos instead. Who wants to live right on the strip? Are they crazy? At MS Las Vegas Real Estate, we think not. How awful to be just minutes away from world class shopping, dining and nightlife (not to mention the airport), the three signatures of true urban luxury living. Add to this a multitude of Broadway caliber shows (Avenue Q opens soon) and the new Maserati dealer just up the street and we think that this is going to be a huge success. MS Las Vegas Real Estate is fully prepared to present the various high-rise investment options available to those whose adrenaline surges under these living conditions. Allow us to introduce to you a Las Vegas real estate option that you may not have previously considered. It would be our pleasure. Please visit our website located at for more information.

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