Looking for Tickets for the NBA All-Star Game in Las Vegas? Have You Got $10,000?!?

I know what you’re thinking, this time the MS Las Vegas Real Estate Blog has gone completely off the deep-end! Who in the world would pay $10,000 to watch a basketball game? Never underestimate the sheer power of Las Vegas to bring out the “cash money” side of life. The 2007 NBA All-Star Game in Las Vegas is quite possibly the most sought-after ticket in the history of sports…or anything else for that matter! Nosebleed seats are going for $3,000 and the best seats are fetching more than $10,000. VIP high-rollers from all over the world are flying-in for the game and VIP Casino Hosts are scrambling to make sure they have a ticket! Many of the players already have opulent Las Vegas luxury homes to hang-out in over All-Star weekend. In fact, Shaq used to own a Turnberry Place luxury condo if we’re not mistaken. He bought one of the penthouse units a few years back. Something tells me that he’ll have plenty of house-guests for the big game!

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