McCarran International Airport: A Reflection of the Strength of Our Economy!

Now we’re fifth! McCarran International is the fifth busiest airport in the entire country! 2005 was an amazing year for both passenger traffic and the Las Vegas economy. Our total count came in at 44,280,190 passengers which gave us the number five spot! Atlanta was first, Chicago second, Los Angeles third and Dallas/Fort Worth was fourth. Just think for a minute about some of the big names that we beat! How about Denver International, Sky Harbor in Phoenix, San Francisco International and Kennedy Airport in New York! The Las Vegas economy performed tremendously in 2005 as well. No surprise there! We’re a city that depends on visitors, and when your airport is rolling strong, the local economy rolls right along with it. The market for Las Vegas homes is a direct reflection of these robust economic conditions. There’s plenty of money being spent in Las Vegas and plenty of money being made! Las Vegas real estate continues to benefit from this amazing transfer of dollars that floods into our valley every day. Las Vegas, Nevada is well on it’s way to becoming the next major American metropolis…bet on it!

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