More Great Opportunity for Southern Nevada Youth: The Tarkanian Basketball Academy

The Tarkanian Basketball Academy is yet another fabulous feature to enjoy as part of the Southern Nevada residential experience! Providing great coaching and recreation for everyone from the age of 3 to 93, The Tarkanain Basketball Academy is one of the leading lights of the Las Vegas community. As a non-profit organization dedicated to helping young people achieve their goals in sports and life, the Academy provides myriad opportunities to develop leadership skills, a strong work ethic, commitment to task and integrity through structured and disciplined sports. Heavy emphasis is placed on the value of positive role models and the Tarkanian Academy has courageously put itself on the front lines in the war against drugs and alcohol that pervades American youth.

Jerry Tarkanian coached basketball at the University of Nevada Las Vegas for 19 years, winning 82.9% of his games. His last ten teams at UNLV averaged 31 wins per season. He won more collegiate games than any other coach (990), and finished his career with the sixth most career wins and the sixth highest winning percentage (79.6%) in NCAA Division I history. How’s that for credentials! Jerry is joined at the Academy by his two accomplished sons, Danny and George Tarkanian.

The Academy runs basketball leagues that begin at kindergarten and run all the way up to 35+ adult leagues. Programs for both boys and girls are broken down by age. In addition, participants can receive both individual and group training lessons from the coaching staff. Summer Camps and Track Break Programs are provided to keep kids positively engaged and after-school programs are offered as well. The TBA Learning Center project has been built around the expertise of childcare specialists, summer program coordinators, certified social skills trainers, athletic coaches, and certified teachers.

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