MS Las Vegas Real Estate Salutes Habitat For Humanity

The Las Vegas Chapter of Habitat for Humanity just got started on three of 60 Las Vegas homes they plan to build over the next three years in the Vegas Heights community. Sponsors for these new Las Vegas homes are the Greater Las Vegas Association of Realtors, Nevada Subcontractors Association and the Wells Fargo Home and Consumer Loan Division. Habitat for Humanity Las Vegas is well on its way to building over 30 homes in Vegas Heights alone. Not everyone in Las Vegas is as self-absorbed as you might think. There is a waiting list to get on a crew to help build houses for those in need. Another blog entry in the continuing series….Las Vegas is a real city. You can’t have a real city without real people willing to look beyond themselves to make things better for the community. There’s no shortage of that here, no matter how crowded the poker rooms are. MS Las Vegas Real Estate is proud to be

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